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We Are Smallville!


Hutchinson: The Real Smallville, Kansas

A common question we get is, "Why is Hutchinson considered "Smallville, Kansas"? 

In order to fully explain, it's much easier to just SHOW all the comparisons that we've discovered from comics, movies, and television shows.

Below, is a list of our best comparisons. And, you only need the first three to see why we've made the claim to be "Smallville, Kansas - The Home of Clark Kent".

Pic 1.jpg


"Smallville" - Population

In the television series "Smallville", the welcome sign shows a population of 45,001.

When our campaign began, Hutchinson's population was just over 42,000. 

There are only a few towns, in Kansas, that are that similar in population.


"The Kents" - Smallville's Location

In the graphic novel, "The Kents", the story follows Clark Kent's ancestors and their journey from Nebraska to Kansas, where they would settle. This panel shows that they were directed to a town named Smallville, "just down the Arkansas River a ways". They were moving to the south. 

Hutchinson is the only town that sits along the Arkansas River...AND, has a population that is close to reason #1.

Screenshot 2022-05-24 9.48.36 AM.png
Pic 3.JPG


"Action Comics" - Pinpointed location

In Action Comics #822, a mileage sign places Smallville 55 miles from Salina. Hutchinson is 57 miles from Salina, from each town's city limits. 

These three references can only point to one location: Hutchinson.


"Man of Steel" - Zod's ships

In "Man of Steel", when General Zod is flying toward Smallville, there is a radar image shown. If you extend the trajectory, in a straight line, it leads right to Reno County. This is where Hutchinson is.

Pic 6.jpg


"Man of Steel" - Water tower

Pic 7.jpg

In "Man of Steel" the water tower is very similar to Hutchinson's and there is a similar building in the foreground of the shot.

Pic 7.jpg


"Man of Steel" -
Smallville battle

In "Man of Steel", the big battle in Smallville starts in an IHOP and goes through a bank, a train yard, and Sears (which was also "destroyed" in Hutchinson). All of these are within a mile of each other in Hutchinson.

Pic 8.jpg


"Smallville" -
School mascots

The mascot for Smallville High School (Crow), in the television series, closely resembles the old Hutchinson High Salthawk mascot. And, they are both birds.

Pic 9.jpg


"Smallville" -
Area locations

Smallville was located near a dam and reservoir. If you drive south on KENT ROAD, ironically, you arrive at Cheney Reservoir and dam.

Pic 10.jpg


Comics - Kryptonite and Salt

A panel from an old comic shows Superman discovering white kryptonite (a mineral) in a museum. This is a comparison to STRATACA, and our Underground Salt Museum.

Pic 12.jpg


Comics - White kryptonite

There are several kinds of kryptonite. An old comic showed what each version does. White kryptonite has no real effect, other than killing plant life. This is also what salt does (which explains why Superman found "white kryptonite" in a museum (STRATACA).

Pic 13a.jpg


"Smallville" - The caves

In "Smallville", there was a lot of reference to underground caves. STRATACA is, definitely, a perfect match of that description.



"Smallville" - Objects in the caves

 In "Smallville" the caves led Clark Kent to his Fortress of Solitude, where he became Superman. The caves held many secrets, in the series. STRATACA is the only place in Kansas that has an original Superman costume on display, in it's museum. It also has a miniature model of the "Daily Planet", from the movie "Superman Returns".

Pic 15.jpg


"Smallville" - Similarity

In the first episode of "Smallville", while the meteors are falling in Smallville, a building is hit. It's surprisingly similar to this building on 2nd and Main, which was restored after an upstairs fire, years ago.

Pic 17.jpg


"Smallville" - The Talon

In "Smallville", a popular gathering place is "The Talon". It was once a movie theatre that was converted into a coffee shop, after a fire. The Fox Theatre has, also, had to renovate after a fire. And, during the first year of our celebration, they even changed their marquee to say "The Talon". They have shown several Superman movies, in the past 10 years, that tie in with the Smallville Festival (including this year).



Comics - Arrival on Earth

The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center: Considering, Kal-El fell to earth in a spaceship, it's pretty convenient that our town has a place that stores those kind of things. What better place to hide a spaceship than one of the biggest space museums in the world...and, in Hutchinson, no less.



"Smallville" - Harvest Festival

In "Smallville", during one of their seasons, they celebrated the 100th "Harvest Festival" which, is very similar to the Kansas State Fair. There is a carnival, lots of food vendors, agricultural events and is considered the biggest event of the year, in Smallville. Shortly after this happened in the show, the Kansas State Fair celebrated their 100th anniversary.

Pic 20.JPG


Graphic Novel - Similarity

In the series "Secret Identity", a panel shows Clark flying over a nearby town. The river has flooded. The river is the Arkansas River.

Pic 21.jpg


"Smallville" - Location

In a screenshot from "Smallville", a computer screen marks the location of Smallville with a star. It's position is almost exactly over Hutchinson.

Pic 22.jpg


"Smallville" - Similarity

In "Smallville", one of the characters joins the military. He takes a Greyhound bus from Smallville to Wichita. Hutchinson also has a Greyhound bus that goes to Wichita.

Pic 23.JPG


First Proclamation

On June 21, 2013, there were simultaneous events that contributed to our campaign for Smallville. The Kansas Hall of Fame inducted Clark Kent/Superman into their HOF. And, this was the first year we received a proclamation that recognized us as "Smallville, KS - The Home of Clark Kent".

Pic 24a.jpg


Strange Coincidence

If you place straight lines across the city limits of Hutchinson, a familiar symbol is seen.

Pic 26.jpg


"Superman and Lois" -

Pic 30a.png

In the series "Superman and Lois", the couple moves back to Smallville, from Metropolis, to raise their two sons on the farm. When the boys start high school, the image of the school is extremely similar to Hutch High, before it was renovated.

Pic 30b.png


"Superman and Lois" -
Shuster Mines

In the series "Superman and Lois", much of the first two seasons has focused on strange activities at the "mines", where there is a hidden supply of "X-kryptonite". This is another similarity to Hutchinson and it's expansive mines, underneath the town.



Fun Shoutout

In 2013, our local news station, KWCH, made special recognition of our efforts, by changing the weather map, on June 21, 2013. This was the first year we recieved the proclamation from the city.

Pic 25.jpg


"Smallville" - Football


In 2004, in the show, the Smallville Crows won their first State high school football championship. Hutchinson also won their first State Championship in 2004.

More fun comparisons...

- In the show, "THE FLASH", a scene shows Barry Allen (The Flash) and his wife after dinner. He had ran all over the world to get different foods for their meal. As they list them, he mentions, "...KANSAS STATE FAIR funnel cakes. That was Clark's suggestion."

- In the series, "SUPERGIRL", there is an episode and scene where there is an alert of a disturbance, she needs to respond to. Her reply is, "Well...time to get back to the SALT MINE."

In "SUPERMAN AND LOIS", Clark talks about a festival that occurs in town. The festival is very similar to ours, with vendors, various activities and a theme of helping others and celebrating the city. He describes Smallville and the festival:

"I remember loving Smallville. The people. The community. How the small things were the big things."

"What I loved most of all, was the one weekend every year, when everyone came's a tradition! It's one of the best things about being here."

"When you see everyone come together...the sense of's the best of what Smallville is."

(Our monthly event, Third Thursday, which is also the first day of the Smallville Festival, is themed "Art. Music. Community.")

- Downtown Hutchinson has two murals that include a satellite/spaceship, people looking into space, a telescope, meteors, and a phone booth.

- Smallville was named after it's founder, Ezra Small. Hutchinson was named after it's founder, C.C. Hutchinson.

-  Downtown Smallville has always been portrayed with a similar Main Street appearance, including a family market (Smith's Market) and a large park with gazebos, for community events (Ave A Park).

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